At Nicola Health and Safety, we live by these words: “Nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely.”

Specialists in Occupational Health and Safety for Vineyards, Gardening, Bottling, Wine Cellars and Tasting Rooms.

We assist you in creating a “safety culture” in your workplace through:

  • Bilingual Occupational Training
  • In-Person Spanish to English Translation
  • Personalized Bilingual Program – Illness and Injury Prevention (IIPP)
  • Risk and Hazard Assessments throughout the year

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We analyze your company’s occupational safety program and help with improvements or update your existing program!

We help with all your Occupational Health and Safety issues, such as:

  • Develop your Occupational Health IIPP
  • Prepare for Cal/OSHA or County inspections
  • Personal Protective Equipment Evaluations
  • Compliance with State, Federal, or County Occupational Safety Laws
  • We develop Occupational Safety Incentive Programs
  • Occupational Safety Boards
  • We develop Occupational Safety Materials adapted to the client’s taste
  • Incident Investigations
  • Return to Work and Modified Work Programs
  • Legal Poster Book for the field
  • New Jobs and Unemployment
  • New and Old Claims
  • Grape Picking Safety and Night Safety
  • Lockout/Tagout/Blockout Program
  • Red Cross CPR/AED First Aid
  • Heat Illness Prevention Programs
  • We offer OSHA classes 10/30

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“Let’s talk about #safetyatwork . The various facets of #wineproduction can be dangerous. Handling SO2, CO2 (dry ice), rolling barrels, driving a forklift, driving a boom lift to reach your barrels, preparation for fire season, just to name a few. There are so many hazards and every manager’s priority is to make sure their employees go home as they came to work, safely.

As the former Production Manager at Sonoma-Cutrer vineyards, I worked closely with Nicol Cadet and the NICOLA HEALTH AND SAFETY, INC. bilingual team for several years.

What sets NHS apart is not only their commitment to compliance with CalOsha requirements but also their dedication to maintaining a consistently high standard of safety throughout the year. The trainings provided by NHS were not only comprehensive but also engaging, fostering a culture of safety awareness and responsibility among my team.”

Mayra Alexandra Hernandez, ACC, CPCC