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” Our Vineyard Team just had a comprehensive Department of Pesticide Regulations/ Napa County Ag Commissioner Inspection of all safety documentation, reporting, IIPP, A-series postings, legal postings, injury reporting, chemical Shed operation and organization, PPE, respirator Safety etc. And I am VERY proud to report that we received a PERFECT SCORE! The inspector was blown away with our level of detail, organization and our consideration of the health and wellness of our employees. He said that we are a “Gold Standard”. So I want to thank the safety committee as well as Nicola H&S for helping us make Duckhorn the best possible environment for our employees! ”

Courtney Preston – Viticulturist
Duckhorn Wine Company

“NHS has been my go to for keeping my employees safe and helping me identify and create safety plans to address many types of business risks, for many years.   They are essential to our safety and efficiency of operations as well as my piece of mind. The NHS team is charismatic, respectful and quickly gains the trust and support of the whole team to rapidly and successful implement new and updated safety procedures and mind sets. I highly recommend using them for all of your safety needs.”

Mayacamas Olds – General Manager
Gloria Ferrer Vineyards and Winery

“It has been great participating and learning from your safety training. Your service is really important and well done. No accidents in my 5 years at HFW, also thanks to your recommendations.”

Giuseppe Tumbarello – Viticulturist
Hamel Family Wines

“Nicola Health and Safety has been with Infinity Bottling from the start. NHS helped us build an industry leading safety culture and with monthly training meetings continues to assist us in upholding it.  When the COVID challenge arose NHS quickly pivoted, providing resources and training to our team. The NHS team of instructors are highly respected by our team, their bilingual trainings are top notch and they always show up with an amazing attitude to lead us. NHS has helped us implement new trainings required by compliance auditors and continue to refresh and update their procedures as the safety environment changes. I highly recommend Nicola Health and Safety for all safety and training needs”.

Jessica Tuteur – President & General Manager
Infinity Bottling, LLC

“I just wanted to take a moment to express to you all the gratitude I (and all of Clif) have for you and your company. Your contribution and hard work to ensure that our workplace is safe to all employees, and your help with translations every meeting do not go unnoticed. It would also definitely not be the same without you as you bring so much fun to the table. As an employee, you really make my life easier, and I value the fact that you make everything so seamless for us in terms of scheduling and planning ahead. Again, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to safety, and for always joining us con mucho animo y risas”!

Araceli Ramirez – Admin Coordinator
Clif Family Winery 

“I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you. Since the training, I’ve been involved in two medical emergencies and have been able to help people in these situations with professionalism and confidence thanks to the incredible and detailed training that you provided.
Oddly enough, since the last training two years ago, no emergency situations occurred but like I mentioned above, there have been two in the last two weeks. One of them happening this morning outside my apartment and one last week at work.
Thanks to you and your training, the team and I were able to provide a guest who had an emergency with glucose and first aid and were able to guide EMS to the right spot on the property.
This morning, I was able to assist my neighbor by calling 911, keeping him somewhat calm, letting him know help was on the way and helping to put his wife in the recovery position and staying with them until EMS arrived.
In both these situations I felt confident thanks to your training to help out and knew what to do.
Maybe you get these emails a lot or maybe only sometimes, but please know that you have impacted my life and probably that of the people I was able to help.
The work you and everyone at Nicola Health and Safety is so important and I appreciate all of you so much. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

Daan Smeets – Wine Educator
The Donum Estate

“Let’s talk about #safetyatwork . The various facets of #wineproduction can be dangerous. Handling SO2, CO2 (dry ice), rolling barrels, driving a forklift, driving a boom lift to reach your barrels, preparation for fire season, just to name a few. There are so many hazards and every manager’s priority is to make sure their employees go home as they came to work, safely.

As the former Production Manager at Sonoma-Cutrer vineyards, I worked closely with Nicol Cadet and the NICOLA HEALTH AND SAFETY, INC. bilingual team for several years.

What sets NHS apart is not only their commitment to compliance with CalOsha requirements but also their dedication to maintaining a consistently high standard of safety throughout the year. The trainings provided by NHS were not only comprehensive but also engaging, fostering a culture of safety awareness and responsibility among my team.”

Mayra Alexandra Hernandez, ACC, CPCC


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